Content Development & Promotion: With experience writing three blogs and hundreds of blog posts, the saying always proves true: provide value for your reader and the traffic will come. Let me help you discover how to create a content calendar, write content faster, and promote it so people actually come read it. I used to hate writing and now I can't stop (I mean, look how long this page is!). Let's create fantastic, usable content together.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Nobody is buying! Nobody is signing up for my email list! Those sound like familiar complaints don't they? With an in-depth review of everything on your website - from the colors to your calls-to-action (if you don't know what those are, I can help!) - and even the copy, Small changes can mean BIG results for your website or blog. Let me help you move the needle to create a huge impact to your top - and bottom - line.

Project Management: Getting from A to Z is straight-up daunting. I'll help you make sure your project is on-time and on-budget using calendars, spreadsheets, and some good ol' fashioned delegating. Let's get your project done and move to the next one.

Sales & Business Development: You have to win your first sale before you can win your second. But, you also have to know where you're headed - and who you want to talk to. I help companies establish a target list of sales opportunities and hit the pavement. There's nothing like a 10% improvement to the top of the line.

Presentation Design: Reading off slides = snooze-fest. Let me help you take care of your Power Point or Google Slides presentation. I design each slide in Photoshop and import it into your favorite presentation software. And these aren't your typical presentations. I help put the focus on you - not on the bullet points.

Spreadsheet Creation and Data Analysis: When was the last time data was placed in front of you and it didn't make sense? All. the. time. I know! That's where I come in. I take your confusing spreadsheet and present it in a way you, your boss, and even your Grandmother can understand.

Looking for something else? I'm open to new & exciting projects outside of the realm of possibilities.