Place Creative Company | Account Director

Place Creative helps brands define where they belong. The best brands have a sense of people, promise, and place. These traits are the foundation of effective storytelling - what Place Creative does best. I joined their team in October 2016 as an Account Director

  • Helped to land $250,000+ in new business in just six months.
  • Managed over 100 projects at a time - from video to identity work and integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Notable Clients: Vermont PBS, Montshire Museum of Science, Pete & Gerry's Organic Eggs, and more.

PACK Commercial Kitchen | Co-Founder

In the summer of 2015, two business partners and I joined forces to launch PACK, a commercial co-packing kitchen in Chittenden County, the heart of commerce in Vermont. We opened in early January 2016. I was in-charge of business development. Here are a couple accomplishments:

  • Built a $1M sales pipeline for the company through inbound & outbound efforts.
  • Oversaw management team and hiring of up to 15 seasonal & temporary employees.
  • Achieved first-page ranking for searches of commercial kitchens in the area. | Founder & Content Manager

In 2013, I won the first annual Launch VT contest (over $45,000 in cash and services) for what started out as a software company for food businesses. After countless emails stating software users LOVED my blog (but not the software), I focused on building the #1 resource on the web for budding food entrepreneurs. Since late 2013, I've accomplished the following:

  • Built an email list of 4,587 food business owners. This continues to grow by 5-8% every month.
  • Write and promote 1-2 blog posts per month (1,000-2,000 words) focused on high-volume keywords.
  • Achieved sales of $6,250 in 2015 from selling PDF guides on starting your food business.
  • Successfully produced and promoted a 12-hour video course - the Gredio Food Business Academy.

View the Gredio blog here. <

Green Mountain Mustard | Founder & CEO

My Dad and I started making mustard in 2007 because I wasn't a big fan of ketchup. We started with one jar at a time on our stovetop. One jar turned into 12. Twelve turned into 36. And in 2010, I launched Green Mountain Mustard. I went full-time with the business in April 2014 and accomplished the following:

  • $110,000 in annual revenue for 2015 - a mix of retail, direct-to-consumer, and online sales.
  • Distribution in 125+ stores throughout New England and beyond.
  • Decreased product cost 19.6% to achieve higher margins through the distribution channel.
  • Increased online sales 375% with the launch of our new website and online marketing strategy.

Blue House Group | Marketing Director

A small web-shop specializing in visualization and usability of big data applications hired me to help with the launch of two SaaS products:, websites for restaurants, and, an ed-tech quiz application. Here's what I accomplished:

  • Developed marketing strategy for Achieved 8,500 sign-ups in under 6 months.
  • Wrote one year's worth of blog content for in 5 weeks to focus solely on promotion.
  • Responsible for copy & email marketing for both sites. 2.05% sign-up conversion rate.

CPA Site Solutions | Inbound Marketing Manager

CPA Site Solutions is the leading provider of websites for accountants. I started as an Account Manager, but was quickly promoted to Inbound Marketing Manager. I had the pleasure of working directly with the CEO & Founder on several projects:

  • Managed relationships with 179 clients to improve their web presence & SEO rankings.
  • Worked with CEO to improve PPC conversion 30%.
  • Wrote sales copy for 14 feature pages and 20 automated client emails
  • Earned certifications from in Testing, Email Marketing, and Landing Page Optimization.