You get fit to run

My best friend got a personal trainer. We talked on the phone last week about our progress: we are happier, healthier, and stronger.

One thing she brought up struck a chord with me. I talked with my own trainer about it last week:

You don't run to get fit. You get fit to run.

The same is true for planks, deadlifts, pullups, etc. You have to have the right form in order to do the exercise effectively - and improve.

Early Sunday morning, I went for a run.

It was 2 miles and included 5 hill sprints plus body-weight exercises for giggles. (Yes, I do push ups on rusted guard rails for fun).

But I couldn't do that a year and a half ago.

I lost weight and gained muscle to be able to do that workout - and do it well. I started out doing a run-walk combo, breathing heavily, and not being able to make it up the hill by my parent's house.

While it took me a while to get there, I made it. But I made it because I'm "athletic" and "fit" now.

While on my run back home (after the hill sprints), I realized something:

Start-ups work the same way

As an entrepreneur, you don't start a business to succeed. You succeed to start a business.

I've started four companies, each one of them somewhat short-lived (and not scalable). But I learned how to launch and run a business. I learned what Iwas good at and what I needed help with.

All of this put together has made me "successful". But, not successful financially (at least, not yet).

Here's how I've succeeded:

  • I know how to take an idea to market quickly
  • I know how to build a small following of blog readers
  • I know how to write copy
  • I know hoe to build a pricing structure
  • I know how to scale and manufacture food products
  • I know how to distribute a product to multiple outlets
  • I know how to network and build conversations with anyone

And the list goes on. But, all of these experiences - these successes - have  helped me build my latest business, Gredio.

Gredio is a product, it has a business plan, engaged users, and by all intents and purposes, is a launch success. I'm excited to keep building it with my co-founder with everything we've learned since December 2012.

I have succeeded to launch a business.