Why Your Project Fails

Your hosting account, Facebook page, and Twitter profile can be deleted in minutes. A project can disappear from the web in just a few days. You might not be aware it's over.

Projects are started every day. They end, too.

It could be financial. Maybe there isn't enough time in the day. But money and time can be created. You can always pitch your idea to a VC or hire off-shore help to get things back together. But the one thing you can't create is focus.

Projects fail because people can't focus.

I've been told this by all of my bosses. It's been jammed into my head in the many start-up books I've read. And, it litters small business blogs across the internet. I never believed it. Until now.

As an entrepreneur, I'm always thinking. In the shower, on my commute to work, and even at parties. My brain never shuts off. Ideas come at me left and right. Some suck. Some require millions of dollars, and others - the ones I choose to work on - get pushed to the front of the line. I throw everything into this new - super-duper awesome - idea and my other projects fall to the wayside. Suddenly, my time is fragmented:

  • 50% Full-time job
  • 20% Idea #1
  • 10% Business #1
  • 5% Business #2
  • 5% Party Time
  • 5% Life Events
  • 2.5% Idea #2
  • 2.5% Idea #3

How do you handle this? Do you devote 20% (hypothetically) of your time to an idea that you think is the greatest thing since sliced bread? You could, but everything else goes to hell.

Pick One Idea and Stick With It

I need to focus. You need to focus. How much further would you get if you picked one thing to work on, ignored everything else, and simply crushed it?

Get rid of your tiny ideas. Make 2013 the year of focus.