What's Your "Me Time?"

It's Sunday morning. After vigorously scraping ice off my car at 7:00am, I made it to the gym. Sunday morning workouts are my favorite. No one is in the gym (except for the guy who just rides the bike for an hour). People are friendly and more approachable. It's the lax day.

I was there for 45 minutes doing super-sets and realized how central the gym has become in my life.

It's my "me time".

I thought the minute I left work was the start of my me time, but it isn't. I've usually got to go to the bank, the post office, deliver product, go to a meeting, etc. Then, once I get home, I whip up a quick dinner and sit down to email, writing, and maybe a movie or reading.

When all of that is eliminated is what I define as me time. For me, that's the gym.

There's only one thing you need to do there: sweat. It's simple. It doesn't matter how you do it: treadmill, jumprope, weights, running, etc. If you sweat, mission accomplished.

I rarely bring my phone to gym. It stays a solid four miles away from me when I workout. No checking email, Facebook, the latest TechCrunch news, or Instagram feed. I can't call anyone or text a friend about plans later.

I love it.

On this Tuesday morning, I leave you with one question: What's your me time?