What would you do if the door smacked you in the face?

It happened to me. This past weekend. I don't want to blame Christmas shoppers. I might have to. I do, however, want to have this individual's neck checked for optimal rotation. It's the little things in life that spark these posts.

Holding the door is an opportunity to help.

Where in the manual of life does it say "thou shalt not hold the door open?" You're right. No where. It's common courtesy - for anyone - regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, brand of clothing, etc. It's a nice thing to do. I get excited when people say thank you.

Who doesn't want more thank you's?

When I left my last job, I hand-wrote notes to the people who made the most impact on my life. They all said thank-you. How was I able to get all of these people on my side?


I constantly hold the door open.

Literally and figuratively. Let people into your life (only if they're triangles), make it easy for them to learn from you. Educate. Learn. Discover. When you part ways after a job - or your best friend moves across the country - keep the door open. The lines of communication. The trust. And the friendship.

Don't shut doors in other people's faces.