What Jelly Beans Taught Me About Having Fun

"I don't really have fun."

I said this in my first meeting with my life/business coach. I made it known there was no work-life balance. It was work-work balance. I worked for fun. Seriously, I said that. After our meeting, I sat on my couch thinking, I really don't have fun, do I? I don't give myself time to decompress. I don't spend enough time with those I'd jump in-front of a bus for. Life was work. And work was life.

What the hell was I doing to myself?

This was the point I considered leaving my stable full-time job. My full-time job combined with running two start-up companies was creating an intense 100+ hour week. It was to the point my friends texted me to make sure I was alive and taking care of myself. My friends have to text me to make sure I'm ok? That's not right. They should be texting me to see if I want to hang out and grab pizza. (PS: Thank you.)

That night after speaking with my business coach, I came across this video:

Stop reading this post, and watch the video. Seriously, watch the whole thing. It will change your perspective. The argument was that, after all of life's obligations, you only had so many days left to do what you loved.

What was I going to do with my couple thousand days?

Was I going to use them to explain to my friends how much shit I have to do? Was I going to use it to complain to my parents why I don't have fun? Was I going to use it to work 5am-10pm, have no fun, and go to sleep -- only to  do it all over again tomorrow?

Hell no.

I have a new perspective. Not only am I building two awesome businesses. I'm building a fun, exciting life. On Sunday, I spent the entire day on a road-trip, eating things I shouldn't eat, digging through old antiques, and eating boatloads of raw garlic. Yesterday, I made a fall quinoa salad, and took a picture of it. This weekend, I have friends coming up. I have brunch plans. Sure, I still have to schedule these things in to my calendar, but, for the first time in several years, I've told several people, "I feel like I'm having fun again. And it's awesome".