Thirteen Goals for 2013

I've rarely set personal goals for myself. If I do, I internalize them. I never let anyone know what they are. Apparently, I was doing the right thing. I'm ignoring that guy (even though he's a best-selling author and has built an online empire).

For the first time, I'm writing my goals down - not only for myself, but for you. Who knows, you may be able to help me.

Why the change of heart?

If I don't write it down, I forget it. That's why I always carry a pen. And why I'm getting my thoughts down on paper today. I won't remember my goals in ten minutes.

Plus, goals are an interesting conversation starter. Whether my parents want to know what's going on with my life, my friends want to track my progress, or I want to hold myself personally accountable, they'll always be here.

So, let's get started.

13 Things I Want to Accomplish in 2013


1. See a Friend I Haven't Seen Since College

Living several states away from where I went to school (and with friends spread across the nation) doesn't make this goal easy - or cheap, but I'll figure it out.

2. Code HTML & CSS Without Hacking Crap Together

Yep - I can code, but it's currently like popsicle sticks and glue. Sometimes I build I popsicle stick house. Other times, I don't. I've been through Codecademy, but I want to dive deeper.

3. Actually Start Posting Stuff to Dribbble

Somehow, I will find out how to get an invite to this drool-worthy design mecca. I'd love to start posting concepts for Gredio and getting feedback.

4.  Read 25 Books

This is doable - two books a month, pretty much. I'm on my third right now. Ahead of schedule. I like it.

5. Get Down to 12% Body Fat (Whoa - did I just write that?)

Last time I was measured, I rang in at 17.3%. My family thinks I'm crazy, so I made a crazy goal.

6. Deadlift 250 Pounds, Bench & Squat 200 pounds

I lifted 185 pounds last week. That's my body weight - and it's only January. Awesome accomplishment, but I'd love to lift more. I read I should be able to lift 150% of my body weight, so that's roughly calculated here.

7. Run a 5K in Under 30 Minutes

Last time I ran a non-race 5K I did it in 38 minutes. Plus, I got Plantar Fasciitis in the process. Once it's not sub-zero outside, I'll work on training more.

8. Post One Recipe a Week to Blueberry Chuckle

I have a recipe blog that I often neglect, so I'm going to do my best to post recipes weekly.

9. Make Ten Recipes from Pinterest

Yes, I'm one of those people. I pin hundreds of recipes and never make them. This year, I'm making 10. And one of them won't be healthy at all. (see goals 5-7)

10. Write an Ebook

I don't know what it will be about, how long it will be, or whether people will even read it, but I want to write something and put it out there.

11. Create Three Pieces of Original Art

I currently have one hanging above my desk. I've got plenty of empty wall space in my apartment and plan to add to it with some custom pieces.

12. Travel to a City I've Never Been To

I always travel to the same places - usually to visit family. This year, I'm going to a new city. Not sure when, where, or how I'm going to afford it, but it will happen.

13. Hike Three New Peaks

My weekends are typically consumed with farmer's markets and festivals, but I want to hike  more in 2013. Got any recommendations in New England?

Where are my company goals?

Don't worry, I have company goals. But this list is for me. In 2012, I drowned myself in entrepreneurship. It embodied me.  Everyone knows me for owning an absurd amount of companies, being too busy, and never slowing down.

This list is to remind me I don't need to drill through income statements on Saturday night. It's to remind me to reconnect with friends. And most importantly, it's to make 2013 the best year ever.

What are your goals for 2013?