The Evolution of Gredio's Brand Identity

I've been thinking a lot about brand identity lately. Maybe it's because we just launched Gredio's new logo. Maybe it's because I'm looking into rebranding Green Mountain Mustard in 2014. Who knows. Then I stumbled upon my initial concept for Gredio's logo.

I was looking for a Gredio brand asset and found the succession of logos - from what we started with to what we have now. Ironically, all in order. And that sparked this morning's post idea. I want to show you guys how the Gredio brand has evolved. I may do the same thing with Green Mountain Mustard next week - that's an even crazier transformation.

Anyway, onto the first concept...

The first concept I had for Gredio

When I first started Gredio, I slapped together a logo. We had to look at least a little legitimate. I didn't quite think anything of what I was doing. I opened Photoshop, played around, and came up with something. And I slept on it because I hated it. It was a mash-up of two pieces of clip art and a font I was obsessed with (Ok, I still am). But, this identity was too pharmaceutical. On to the next one.gredio_logo2_web

The logo needed more color. It was ugly. Plus, I needed an icon that was better aligned with what Gredio did for small food producers -- ingredient inventory management (it does so much more now!). I have always been in love with green (even though my favorite color is blue), but green just seemed to make sense. I chose a playful font here, but then after more "sitting on it" I decided that the playful font made the app look less serious. It was more slap-stick than the first one. But, I liked the sugar bag. Let's change the font...

gredio_logo3_webI changed the font to another one I'm obsessed with. I love the simplicity. I was now getting closer to "web appy-ness". We settled on this logo because I needed to get cards printed and start talking with small food producers. Then, we won the LaunchVT competition. Part of the win was re-branding from the talented folks at Hark Communications. That led us to a big (and totally awesome) logo.


I love this identity. And yes, it's world's different from what I started with (that awful pill container). We decided on the measuring cup because it's a common symbol with food companies. Plus, the concept of measuring is appropriate as we give small food companies better analysis of their food business. Oh, and the font is fun and web 2.0. We now look like a serious web application.

So what did I learn during this re-brand?

1. Don't just settle on a logo - think it through. How do you want your company to be represented? 2. Be flexible - Don't get stuck on something and say "it has to be green" or "I want to keep this font". 3. Hire professionals - they really do know what they're doing. And it allows you to work on building an amazing company.

What about you? Has your company gone though a re-brand? What was the process like?