The Benefit of Being Brutally Honest

"Does this make me look fat?" "Want to go ballroom dancing/to the Red Sox game Saturday?"

"Why isn't dinner ready?

Be honest.

Honesty is crucial to effective communication, yet it's often ignored. Why?

1. It may put you in a worse place 2. Your relationships may suffer 3. White lies are easier than being honest 4. You don't want to hurt your friends

That's garbage. Tell me I'm not good at baking. Tell me I'm making poor dating choices. Tell me I'm wearing the ugliest shirt you've ever seen.

Being  honest has so much power. It can help you get what you want and make communication easier. Plus, if you hurt your friend's feelings, they'll get over it - and learn to be brutally honest with you next time.

Start being brutally honest. Here's why:

It Makes Communication Easier

When you're honest with someone, they're likely to be honest with you. When you're stuck in a heated argument with your significant other or your business partner, let it all out - don't hold back. Saying something off-putting may silence your partner, but they'll fire back - and your conversation will get somewhere.

It Helps You Build Trust

Get through one fire-ball of an argument, and you're already in a better place. Sure, you may get the boot, but it's because that person isn't willing to be honest with you. Honesty builds trust - a framework of open communication. With open communication, tell your partner they're being unreasonable, tell them they need to work on letting you have your own space. Tell them you need help with coding an application. Whatever it is, honesty is the foundation of trust in any relationship.

It Lowers Your Stress Level

Have you ever wanted to just get something off your chest? If you're not nodding, I don't think you're human. Why do you keep things bottled up? Do I have to show you the diet coke and mentos video, again? That's what happens when you keep things bottled up. Get everything off your chest and move on. Do you want to walk around with a 50-pound weight on your chest? Yeah - I didn't think so.

Many people let others be honest for them - "oh, Jake always tells is like it is". Why can't you tell it like it is?

Honesty starts with you. Being honest with yourself means you'll be honest with others. Once you realize this, watch your relationships flourish with meaning and purpose.

Have you made an effort to be honest? Has it helped? Has it back-fired? Let me know below.