Six Month Progress Report on My 2013 Goals

Remember those goals I posted about at the beginning of the year? Yeah. Those. It's been just over six months since I wrote them down. I thought I'd take a little look-see to see where I am in terms of progress (or lack thereof). Here are the thirteen goals again - with updates!

13 Things I Want to Accomplish in 2013

1. See a Friend I Haven’t Seen Since College

This hasn't happened. But, I do have a list of fun locations to go to in order to accomplish this. I have seen plenty of old high school acquaintances, though.

2. Code HTML & CSS Without Hacking Crap Together

The front-end guys at my full-time job code beautifully. I've taken that as inspiration and have been able to organize my code better. Still working on this whole HTML5 business, however.

3. Actually Start Posting Stuff to Dribbble

I got invited to dribbble. Have I posted yet? Nope. I have spent endless hours drooling over beautiful UI's, though. I kid you not - hours. It's like a drug. I designed some stuff this past weekend I may throw up on Hunie (before it gets ripped apart on dribbble). Update:I just posted to Hunie. Making progress!

4.  Read 25 Books

I've read 9 so far this year. Working through a nice long one right now and we've got book club for work. Serious readings needs to happen each night for me to catch up.

5. Get Down to 12% Body Fat (Whoa – did I just write that?)

I was measured again yesterday. I'm down to 13.86% body fat. Hell yeah! That's another 1.5% down. 4 more months (and no crazy over-eating) and I'll be at my goal!

6. Deadlift 250 Pounds, Bench & Squat 200 pounds

I haven't done heavy lifting in a while, but I crushed my original goal in January, so I increased it to 250 pounds. Let's go.

7. Run a 5K in Under 30 Minutes

Haven't signed up for a 5k quite yet. I've learned however, that 3 miles is my "this-is-still-fun" threshold. After that, get me a whoopie pie. But seriously, last time I ran I was sub-10-minute miles which was awesome. I'm going to run the Richmond mile on the 4th of July and aim for a sub 9:30.

8. Post One Recipe a Week to Blueberry Chuckle

Hahah - I might as well have 12 goals. I took this blog down a couple of months ago because it was just too much. Removing it from my plate was one of the best things I've done.

9. Make Ten Recipes from Pinterest

I haven't made one. I'm pretty sure they're all going to be Christmas cookies. Because it'll be December before I have time to even preheat the oven.

10. Write an Ebook

This hasn't quite happened either. I have written a couple of resources for Gredio, but nothing extensive. A lot of what I know I've read somewhere else. It's the same info regurgitated. But, I may look at writing an ebook about my entrepreneurial experiences. Would you read it?

11. Create Three Pieces of Original Art

Nope. Does a blank canvas count as art?

12. Travel to a City I’ve Never Been To

I've at least narrowed it down: Portland, OR, Chicago, New Orleans, or Austin. Now to find time for that long weekend.

13. Hike Three New Peaks

If you call it a peak, I hiked to the top of a hill in Connecticut a few months ago. The summit was super nice, so I'll count it as one. Two more to go. Side note: You know what's funny? I spent $130 on hiking boots last year. You know how many times I've actually been hiking in them? Zero. The problem? It doesn't stop raining. I plan to hike up Camel's Hump with some friends in a few weeks. That'll be hike number two. I might actually accomplish this one.

Why did I review my goals publicly with you?

Accountability. Yeah, I've only completed one of them.  That's why. I want you to know that I'm trying. But it's more than just trying. It's a learning experience. I want to see if I can break away from 80-90 hour work weeks to actually have some fun.

My initial hypothesis was "hell yes".

The reality? I work for fun. It's what I do on the weekends. It's my "flow". I started writing this post Sunday night. With the exception of going to the gym and grocery store, I've spent Sunday in front of my computer screen. And it's disgustingly muggy.

Ok, I'll stop complaining.

But, really. I need to get some of these goals accomplished. Maybe I'll take a day off to paint.