Seven SaaS Resources I've Found Helpful This Week

I wanted to make this a quick one / I'm incredibly busy this week. I've been reading a lot recently and have come across great SaaS blogs, podcasts and such. Some of the posts I've read haven't been useful for me, but here's what has shifted my view of things this week:

  1. Brennan Dunn's talk on building Planscope - from
  2. Bringing Back the 40-hour work week - from Salon
  3. Lean Analytics MicroConf talk - Slideshare
  4. How to Price and Sell Your Startup's Product - via @ttungunz
  5. Critical Metrics for Each Stage of Your SaaS Business - from KissMetrics
  6. Pretty much anything from LessConf (particularly Noah Kagan and Jon Crawford)
  7. Simplify by Paul Stamatiou

What have  you found useful this week? Whatever your industry, I'd like to hear from you.