Most of My Ideas Suck

I'll be the first to tell you my ideas. And most of them will suck. Ideas are a dime-a-dozen. They can be big, small, revolutionary, repeated, and respected. But, they're only ideas. They're not hobbies, companies, or million dollar businesses. They come and go. In one ear and out the other.

But some marinate. Some sit with you. It could be the best idea since sliced bread - or it could fall flat. You search Google to do preliminary research. Someone beat you to it. Your idea is no more. Now you have to think of a whole new idea!

That sucks even more.

If you find out your idea sucks, so what? Get back up and start thinking. It's what entrepreneurs do. We think of 100 horrible ideas to find one we'd like to work with. When we find out it might be a failure, we start over.

Entrepreneurs dream-up hundreds of horrible ideas. Take the pan that only bakes brownie edges (ok, that's kind of cool), the pet rock, or the toilet seat for cats, for example. If you can think of one, you can think of another.

And for some entrepreneurs, it can take a lot of sucky ideas to hit the nail on the head. So start thinking.