I'm sick of chicken breast and frozen vegetables (and my attempt to fix that)

What I'm trying to say is my eating routine is getting dry. It's boring. It's the same thing almost every day. Want to know?

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with cinnamon and sliced banana, plus an apple
  • Post-workout-snack: Apple with peanut butter
  • Lunch: Large salad with romaine, green pepper, cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette and a protein source
  • Snack: Another apple or granola bar
  • Dinner: Chicken and frozen vegetables
  • Dessert (1-2x a week): Dark chocolate (unless my parents bring me something from Cheskie's Bakery in Montreal) Then, all bets are off.

This routine enables me to buy the same thing in the grocery store each week. This (sometimes) makes my grocery bill plummet to less than $30. Yes, a week of food sometimes costs me $30. Hello, cheapskate. And I'm not buying Nutter Butters (even though I really want to). Newsflash - the $3.50 you're spending on Nutter Butters can actually buy you a good amount of healthy stuff).

But lately, I've been bored with what I'm eating.

I really just want to shovel an entire tray of chicken and biscuits and follow it up with an entire chocolate pie. Oh, and sesame chicken with fried rice should be thrown in there somewhere. Maybe a snack? Ok. Shut up, inner-fat-kid.

Seriously, though. I'm going to make a more concentrated effort to actually cook things. I don't want to operate on auto-cook-pilot anymore. If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll notice I've been pinning more (fattening) recipes lately (sorry). I want to bake again. And yes, I realize living by myself it's impossible to eat just one brownie (those are my weakness. I can make it without cookies and cake, but brownies. Oh, man).

So, that means I'll have to put the goods up for grabs on Facebook (or randomly send baked goods across the country). I kind of like the later idea. Are you in?

I want to take cooking one step further.

I used to have a recipe blog called Blueberry Chuckle. That took way too much friggin' time. I was posting ok-tasting recipes, writing horrible copy, and taking horrendous yellowed-out pictures.

Now, I'd like to focus on the photography aspect. I've been reading and learning more about food photography and styling. I want to learn how to take beautiful food pictures. You'll find them on my blog somewhere -- probably under a tab at the top.

Ok, I'm done rambling. What are you eager to get back into?