I Just Emptied My Brain (and it was awesome)

I just used the best web application of 2012. It has taken my brain and organized it into tiny compartments. It has made it so that I no longer have pencil and paper to-do lists. It has made it so I don't have to tell teammates what's coming down the pipeline – they can simply log in.

Introducing Trello

Trello is a small company simplifying project management down to the essentials – and making it look pretty, too. Trello is starts you off with three columns:

  1. To-Do
  2. Doing
  3. Done

Does it get any simpler than that? Well, of course you could have one column, but things are always better in threes.

What do I like about the three columns?

They tell me what I need to do, what's in progress, and what I've completed. Adding to-do items is as easy entering text and hitting enter until your list is complete. Plus, you can label the tasks, similar to Gmail. I have used labels to prioritize my tasks.

If tasks have a list of to-do's below them, make a checklist. If you need to attach a file or assign the to-do to a team member, that's totally possible.

I've got private-to-me boards and a public organization board for a project I'm working on. The organization can then have separate boards below them – totally apart from my private boards.

So, with a couple of days off this holiday season, give trello a shot. You won't be disappointed. Oh, and it's free. That means there's no reason not to get started.