How to Price Your Software: 10 of My Favorite Resources

I could read about pricing products and services all day. And still have my mind blown. There's so many different strategies, view points, and a/b tests you could run on your pricing page. Heck, you'd probably get dizzy. So I wanted to share my favorite pricing resources I've found helpful in pricing my own products:

1. Four Pricing Principles to Never Forget

2. Channel Conflict in SaaS

3. Ultimate Guide to SaaS Pricing - KissMetrics

4. SaaS Pricing - Features that Make People Upgrade

5. 550 SaaS Pricing Strategies Analyzed

6. Pricing Strategy from The Economist

7. Pricing Model that Resulted in $100,000 in Sales

8. Doubling SaaS Revenue by Changing the Pricing Model

9. Freemium Pricing for SaaS: Optimizing Paid Conversion Upgrades

10. What I Learned From Increasing My Pricing

Do you have any pricing articles/resources you'd like to share?

PS: This post is super-short because I've been prepping for a business plan competition. My company, Gredio, is in the Top 6. I've been rehearsing for hours. It'll all pay off when I pitch my heart out tomorrow at 2:15pm. I'll report back what I've learned from the experience next week.