How have you shaped your life? The Power of the Triangle

I used to love squares. Their clean lines. Perfect 90-degree angles. You can stack them. They come in many different colors (Blue, green, yellow, or red), but the same shape.  Regardless of color, it's still a square with four points. Nothing is unique.

That's why I love with triangles.

In middle school, my Dad let me in on a secret: the strongest structural shape was a triangle. They're built to last and have three main points. Those points are used to hold up a much larger structure. Unlike squares, triangles (typically) don't crumble under pressure.

Life is about building triangles.

Many people bring different shapes into their lives (circles, trapezoids, squares, rectangles, stars, and even octagons) hoping they'll make them stronger, build them up, etc. If you start with triangles, then add more, you're going to get stronger - in life, in relationships, in your career, etc.How to Shape Your Life

Take this blog for example. It's its own triangle. It has three main points (start-up thoughts,  marketing, and life). Every post I write is another triangle. The triangle eventually ends up a pyramid. And pyramids are awesome.

Look at the people you spend time with. If you're a triangle and add a square, well, that's simply not going to work. It'll throw you off-balance. You can try squishing a circle in there. It's still not going to work. Make an effort to add triangles to your life. They'll support you - just like the image above. So, what's the point?

How have you shaped your life?

Are you a triangle? If you're a rectangle or hexagon, how do you become a triangle? If you've got a circle in your life - maybe it's your job, your girlfriend or boyfriend, or your debt - how to you make that a triangle?

It's not easy to find triangles. It reminds me of this toy. From your early days, you played with shapes. You tried to fit them where they're not supposed to go. And you learned. Triangles go here. Circles hang with circles. And stars are simply weird looking.

Don't let your tower topple. Start building your life with more triangles.


Give me some feedback. Is there a better shape to explain life? Have you brought circles into your life? Were there consequences? I'd love to hear from you.