Finding Time

I'm feeling brief this week. For the past three years I've struggled to find time. Time for friends, time for fun, time to build my business, time to spend with family, time to go on vacation, and time to turn my TV on and watch a movie.

Time is a limited resource.

You do with it what you choose. If you want to do something, that means giving up something else - or your opportunity cost. What could you being doing now, but you're not?

I spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is simply mindless. Twitter is my source to find great content on the web about start-ups, life-hacks, people in the Bay area I vicariously live through, etc. I find value out of Twitter which is why I spend time on it.

But could I be doing something different?

Could I be honing my food photography, baking bread from a recipe I found in the million cookbooks that collect dust on my shelf, or could I be taking the night off to spend with friends (of which I've been horrible about lately).

Many people I've talked to over the past month or so have said they're so busy. Life is crazy.

Everyone is busy. And it never stops.

If you say you never have time for anything (which I do a lot), take a hard look at your schedule. What can you cut out? The mindless three hours of TV, the video games, etc, to make time for what you want to do?

I'm still working on it.

Two years ago, I always said I never had time to workout. Then I paid someone to help me workout. We scheduled a time and now I workout 3-4 times a week because it's scheduled. It's my time in the gym. Not yours. Not my customers. Not my friend's. It's mine.

You have time, too. Think about where you're spending it and you'll have plenty of time to do what you want.