Without my mom, my business would crash and burn.

Moms simply don't get enough credit. Especially my Mom. My parents are integral to helping me run Green Mountain Mustard. Without them, I wouldn't be able to devote much of my attention to my new software company, Gredio. Oh, and I'm working full-time, too. It's about 80-90 hours a week, especially when I'm traveling on the weekends to sell mustard.

With the busy weeks, there's not a lot of room to run two businesses. That's when mom jumps in.

TL;DR My mom is awesome.

Here's why she is integral to my business:

1. She makes sure online orders go out the door.

Even though I maintain the online store, my mom runs the show. She tells me when to update it, and she ships 98% of the orders. She's a professional at using the USPS online, and can print a shipping label faster than me. And she packs our product so well she has yet to break a jar in-transit (I've broken several cases).

2. She has planned my entire 2013 craft fair schedule.

Event planning is not my strong suit. I'll contribute where I can, but when it came to planning our calendar for 2013, mom jumped on it. She made a full show schedule, Google docs of research, booked hotels, and even found places to eat she knew I would like. This alone has saved me three bottle of Excedrin migraine and over 500 hours of work.

3. She talks up Green Mountain Mustard like she owns the company

If my company shows up on the news, she's all over it - Facebook, Twitter, the town - it's a big deal. Heck, she's more excited than I am. Plus, if she sees someone with a French's bottle at a BBQ, she goes into pitch mode. Lastly, through hell or high water, she gets people to taste our mustard.

And there's like 4,592 more reasons why she's integral to my business, but I'll stop at three for brevity.

What am I getting at? A couple things, actually.

1. For young entrepreneurs to be successful, many have to rely on their parents.

There's a lot going on when young people start businesses. When I started my cookie company at 15 years old, my parents helped buy the ingredients, bake, cost my product out, sell my cookies - they helped with everything. With my second business, even more so. And now, my Mom is the glue to the Popsicle stick house that is my company. Many young entrepreneurs were (and still are) just like me. They're not alone. They have support in the background - and most often it's their parents helping out. And god bless parents who take on helping your children run a business. Not only is it another full-time job, it can be long, grueling hours.

2. Support those who have supported you

While I haven't been able to support my parents financially, I've helped where I can. My mom has been kicking ass transforming her lifestyle into a powerhouse. She's exercising more than me, she's been able to resist a lot of sweets, and she's taking control of her life. We train at the same gym, so we're constantly trading workout tips and clean-eating recipes. I've tried to support her as best I can in her transformation. Bottom line, though: if someone is/has supported you in the past, repay the favor. They may not need it now, but be ready to boost your friends and family members when you need to.

Support is crucial to company success. Thank those who have supported you in every way - financially, emotionally, physically, etc. Thanks, mom!

(Oh, and she'll probably proof-read this blog post for me without asking :p)