[Book Review] How to Talk to Anyone

I've read a couple of books between my last review and this one. I just haven't had a reason to write a review, until this last book. Last week, I finished up How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes. She's written multiple books on conversation style, shyness, and building relationships.

I wouldn't normally pick this book up, but here's why I did:


1. Networking

I've got to get out in the community more, meet new people, idea people, artists, business owners, friends, etc.

2. Stronger Friendships

I'd hoped this book was going to help me build relationships better with people I saw value in and with my small group of friends. It definitely did that, and then some.

3. A Break From "Business as Usual"

I normally drill through business books on marketing, start-ups, and small business, but I needed a break. I still wanted to improve on something, so I picked this book up to make myself a better conversationalist.

My overall thoughts: While I didn't highlight any particular passages in this book, it definitely gets more useful towards the end. I found myself skipping a lot of the author's personal stories just to get to the main points.

What did I learn?

Everything from complimenting correctly, to how to smile, who to avoid in a large room of people, and how to show I'm interested in someone (it's all in the palms, apparently).

I know this book review doesn't have much meat to it, but if you're looking for a book to help you not-so-awkwardly put yourself out there to meet more people, I'd recommend this book.

Purchase it on Amazon (not an affiliate link)