Are You Saying These Two Words Often Enough?

Thank you. In a recent Burlington Free Press article, Tim Johnson argued that "thank you" is an everyday phrase we could live without.

Seriously, Tim?

These words have the power to change anyone's day. I say thank you at least ten times a day - for everything. I do it because it makes someone smile. Who knows? They could be having the worst day of their  life. Two words can flip that person's day around.

Sometimes, You Have to Force it

Not everyone says thank you. Thank you for holding the door open, thank you for letting a couple pass a large family on the mini-golf course, thank you for getting that report in on time, thank you for listening. It's not two random words strewn together. Sometimes you have to pull it out of people - two-year-old children and senior citizens alike.

It Shows Gratitude

Sometimes it's hard to get somebody to do a simple task for you. Rather than give them a cookie or a medal, a sincere "Thank you - great work." goes much farther. It shows you care about the other person and what they're doing to help you out.

When people don't say thank you, it irks me. You put yourself out there to help. You went out of your way. You didn't expect anything in return, except two words. Two words that would have made your day. Because someone cared about what you did for them enough to say "thank you."

In a day in age where "thank you" is hardly said face-to-face anymore, I've made a conscious effort to say it more. From the guy who bags my groceries, to the elderly woman who holds the door open for me, to a friend who made me dinner when I was sick.

It brings two people together - if not for a second - in gratuitous inner joy.

And what's wrong with that?