16 Confessions of a Young Entrepreneur

I'm on a total entrepreneurship kick this week. I've had enough meetings to sink a ship, plus a taste of local networking with the fine folks from Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. (Yes, dear reader, I did leave my computer to go schmooze on Lake Champlain). Moving right along...

As I wrote on Tuesday, entrepreneurs need a lot of help. Many of us - and quite possibly you - are going at this alone. And you know what? It's hard. It's hard as hell. You can only get so much support from your parents before you have to whip out the whiteboard and explain what vesting means.

And it's with that, I decided to write 14 confessions from a pull-your-hair-out entrepreneur:

1. I get dressed out of my drier. Clothes rarely make it to my closet.

2. I forced myself to learn how to iron my shirts (read #1)

3. I hate doing dishes (it used to be a brainless activity - now it's just annoying)

4. I've resisted a Men at Wok combo dinner with General Tsao's, pork fried rice, and a fried eggroll for months now.

5.  Along those same lines, I've wanted a maple creemee (that's soft-serve for all of you weird people) with rainbow sprinkles every day it's gone above 80 degrees.

6. I wish my shower was a whiteboard. It's the only place I seem to have brilliant ideas (get your mind out of the gutter!)

7. I can't imagine founding a company with more than three people. The equity plan and operating agreement must be crazy-sauce.

8. I firmly believe accountants hate accounting.

9. Real-world, skin-in-the-game entrepreneurship can never be learned from a textbook

10. I've become more type A after starting several businesses.

11. Honest communication makes me feel a lot better. Lying is for, well, liars. And I don't like liars.

12. It's hard for me to shut my brain off. I'm always thinking about my businesses.

13. How can you lose if you haven't started playing the game?

14. Vermont has so many places where I drop calls, it forces me to disconnect.

15. I'll never retire. Hell, what entrepreneur ever does?

16. I look at everything in my apartment and wonder how I can sell it on eBay or craigslist

What about you? Do you have any confessions as a young entrepreneur?